1. Objectives
    1. To promote and solidify effective learning and consolidate class learning.
    2. To help the students learn on their own and enhance their information ability.
    3. The Teachers would give proper feedback to enhance the students’ effective learning.
    4. To figure out the difficulties the students encounter during their study so that the teachers are able to adjust their teaching schemes and strategies.
    5. Homework helps the parents understand their children’s learning progress and provide adequate support.

  2. Basic Policy
    1. The homework is based on “Effective Homework,” the guidelines for basic education curriculum by the Education Bureau.
    2. The teachers would assign homework with specific learning objectives. The form and contents would meet the students’ learning requirements and abilities so as to help them expand and consolidate learning on the current learning foundation.
  3. Homework Arrangement
    1. The teachers would assign diverse, interesting and challenging homework associated with the students’ experience in life to cultivate their self-learning habits. When homework is assigned, the teachers would give sufficient instructions and explanations to make sure the students fully understand the concrete demand and how to complete the homework.
    2. The types of homework varies by subject and content. In principle, a proper amount of Chinese, English and math homework is assigned every day. Homework of other subjects is assigned properly according to the actual teaching progress. The teachers would make sure the amount of homework for each subject is even to prevent overloading the students.
    3. Suggested duration of homework every day (school day):


Homework Duration (Approximately)











  1. Operation Procedure
    1. The homework of each subject is clearly listed by code (the abbreviations are in p.29 of the Handbook) in the homework column every day.
    2. The students have to write it down on their own in the homework column of the Handbook.
    3. The homework is uploaded at the School’s web page every day. Parents are able to see it online.
    4. Parents should sign in the homework column of the student handbook every day while the class teacher would sign it every week.