School Supervisor :Mr. Chan Pik Kiu, Michael (Retired Coroner)
School Manager of Sponsoring Body:
Mr. Chan Wai To (Former Senior Lecturer of City University of Hong Kong (1991~2018))
Ms. Cheng Mee Ling, Elinda (Former senior management of renowned international watch brands)
Prof. Chun Ka Wai, Cecilia (Director of Centre for Learning Enhancement and Research, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Dr. Kwok Lai Yuk Ching Sylvia (Associate Professor of Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences, City University of Hong Kong)
Mr. Chan Yiu Lun (Assistant CEO of Hong Kong Student Aid Society (Service). Senior Registered Social Worker) (Alternate)
Ex-officio Manager:Principal Cheung Ching Han
Independent School Manager:Mr. Wong Chin Wa Andy
Teacher Manager:Teacher Chau Lam Ho
Director Wu Mei Ling (Alternate)
Parent Manager:Ms. Li Jianzhu
Ms. Lam Wan Yi (Alternate)
Alumni Manager:Ms. Ho Michelle Golds