Hong Kong Student Aid Society is a Christian social welfare and education facility funded by the Government.
Since 1957, the Society has provided accommodation and education for children and youth facing all kinds of difficulties when they grow up and cultivated them with care. Our top priority is the well-being of children and youth. With the spirit of Christian love and care, we devote ourselves to excellent quality services so that children and youth are able to learn how to take care of themselves and realize their potential in a warm, caring and inspirational environment and grow up as a healthy and independent person caring about the society.


The Society provides excellent holistic education and pays attention to students’ balanced development in diverse aspects, including academic performance, emotion management, physical training, interpersonal relationship, and life skills. Advocating lifelong learning spirit, the Society cultivates them to realize their personal characteristics and potential and helps them establish correct world outlook and attitude to life so that they can turn into people with civil responsibilities and willing to serve society.