Highlights of School Development - English Teaching and Learning


  • Create an English theme-based learning floor with The Kitchen, The Café and The English Immersive Classroom as the highlights by utilising a $1 million fund
  • Expand students’ opportunities to learn English by offering an English Enhancement Class in P1 to P3:
  • English is the medium of instruction in subjects including Mathematics and General Studies
  • English version of textbooks will be used until Primary 3
  • Enrichment Period for English Enhancement Class is well designed with:
  • RWI (40 mins per lesson in Term 1 and Term 2)
  • English Literature (40 mins per lesson in all Academic Terms)
  • IPA (40 mins per lesson in Term 3)
  • Additional online NET lessons are offered every Saturday with the student-teacher ratio of 1:4
  • Primary 1 students have the first priority to participate in kids4kids scheme and reading programmes held by international schools
  • Set up a VIP Movie Zone for students to enjoy movies and exchange food with coupons